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Greetings everyone

Hi all. Interesting group you have here. I'm not necessarily opposed to sex. Its just not a priority to me. I prefer love first. I hope abstinance isnt manditory.

I used to be a very strict pentecostal-christian growing up. I guess nowadays its called SXE (straight edge?) I got to a point that i realized i was pushing people away from me when i should love them regardless of their own lifestyle or beliefs. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area now. Needless to say I've grown to "love thy neighbor" a little more.
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Hello there! This is an extremely quiet group, but welcome anyhoo! :)

If abstinence is mandatory, then I wouldn't belong here either, but I wouldn't think that's the case. ;) We all have different reasons for being here and I should think that that's fine just as long as we play nicely, right? :)
pretty much. It's a quiet community for the most part.
It's refreshing to know that people still believe in love.

I just thought you might wanna know that straightedge has nothing to do with Christianity, it refers to abstaining from drugs, alcohol and promiscuity.