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Hi, I am new, but I personally would like to see this community get rolling a bit.

Hi. My name is Dawnielle. I have been, for the last year, in a relationship that doesn't involve sex. We both are open, non-denominational christians, who just want to wait until marriage to have sex. It's hard sometimes, especially for me, but we get through it. I live in Duluth Minnesota, with my boy friend Herbie, our cat Matilda and our bunny Quazy. We just recently moved here from Washington state, due to family issues in my family. My family wouldn't except the fact that Herbie and I are together. Both of us are blind and they all thought I should be with someone sighted, who could drive me around, and take care of me. Like i need taken care of! Anyway, we just moved here and I'm just trying to scope out LJ and make friends. I joined LJ over a year ago, but have only just started posting in communities. So, if you'd like, let's get this community talking! Let's talk about the hardships we face. I myself, have been faced with doubt on sooo many occations, by friends and people in general. "Can you really do it? It must be soooo hard!" All that stuff. Share your experiences and if you'd like, post the alternatives for sex that you have. I know I'm not the moderator, so please don't get mad at me for seeming like I'm taking over. I'm just trying to get this place to talk some more.
Take care and God bless,
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