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Love Without Sex

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This is a community for everyone who's involved in or considering a loving relationship which deliberately doesn't involve sex. It's open to all styles and structures of relationship and to all sexualities too - whether you're monogamous, polyamorous, straight, bi, gay/lesbian, asexual, or anything else, whether your relationship is same-sex or mixed-sex, committed or casual, you're welcome.

If you've just joined us, tell us a bit about yourself and what your interest is - are you involved in a nonsexual relationship, considering becoming so, just plain curious about how it can work?

Community Guidelines

  • This is not a forum for proselytising one form of relationship over another. If you want to advertise monogamy (or, for that matter, polyamory), do it somewhere else, okay?
  • The same goes for religions, reasons for getting into a nonsexual relationship, and anything else. This community is intended for open and tolerant discussion of all things related to nonsexual relationships, not as a boxing ring.
  • This community is nothing to do with abstinence movements. You're very welcome to join if you're part of such a movement, but please don't expect it to necessarily follow what those movements preach. Individual members have a right to their opinions!
  • On those same notes, stay civil. Heated words have their place, but it's not here.
  • Stay on topic. Posts should be somehow related to nonsexual relationships, not simply something members would find interesting. A post about a particular bit of same-sex marriage legislation is not on topic. A post about how that legislation or same-sex marriage in general relate to nonsexual relationships is. Similarly, ads for other communities should only be posted when the communities have something to do with nonsexual romantic love.
  • This community is a benevolent dictatorship disguised as a democracy. If the maintainer gets three or more separate requests from community members to ban someone from posting and/or remove membership it will very likely happen, but the maintainer's discretion is the last word.
  • Volunteers to help maintain the community are always welcome.

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